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went from a z10 to a priv

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and now i cant open my transferred documents from docs to go. something to do with a plk file. tried downloading file viewer and they still wont open. anyone able to help me i'd appreciate it.have also tried word and solid explorer.
Asked: 01:48 08/12/2016
leif 01:48 08/12/2016
What app are you using to try to open the documents? Have you installed Docs to Go? I just got my Priv and all my documents open with the Android version of Docs to Go, as well as WPS, Office Suite and Word.
miles 01:48 08/12/2016
Yes i downloaded doc to go and word and file viewer. none will open it. error message says ts not a valid ms word 97-2007 file but i the info on the files they say that it is a ms word 97-2007 file format. tried emailing it to my laptop and opening it there and it is all garbled junk.

went from a z10 to a priv

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