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What does it mean when hotspot has a 1 beside on green

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MY iPhone won't connect to hotspot and has a 1 beside the green t on saying it is on.
Asked: 05:06 21/05/2016
markr37 05:06 21/05/2016
What do you mean it won't connect to hotspot? The phone would be the hotspot, not connect to one. Your cellular carrier has to support the use of hotspot and your account has to be provisioned for it. When you say you see a 1, do you see anything in the area of the status bar at the top of the phone? If something is connected, it would appear there.

I just checked, are you referring to what looks like a small 1 to the left of the button when you have it in the on position? That would appear if you have the on/off labels turned on. When the button is off you would see what looks like a small o to the right of the button, when on a small 1 to the left of the button.
onlineguy 05:06 21/05/2016
Are you saying the "1" appears in a blue band at the top of your screen?

If so, that would mean one other device has connected to your personal hotspot.

Your post says "My iPhone won't connect to hotspot". This may mean:
  • You set up a hotspot on some other device (not this iPhone) and your iPhone will not connect to it. If true, make sure WiFi and Bluetooth are "On" and search for the hotspot network name and enter the password.
  • You are trying to establish a hotspot using your iPhone. Your iPhone does not "connect" to this, as it uses your cellular data as input to create the hotspot so other devices can connect to that hotspot.
markr37 05:06 21/05/2016

FYI, the link is still not working. It will just bring you right back to the discussion.
onlineguy 05:06 21/05/2016
I've read there are issues on the communities today. The link works for me.

Does it appear to contain ""? It should.

The rest of the link should say "/iphone/9/#/iph45447ca6".

Thanks for pointing this out!

In case it helps, here is the link again:
markr37 05:06 21/05/2016
The link looks correct, however if you hover over it in the post, you will see that it contains the address for the current discussion. Something they seem to be working on trying to correct, but it has been an issue all day today, and from what I could tell, even late last night.

What does it mean when hotspot has a 1 beside on green

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