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What if I don't want to upgrade to marshmallow?

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Will my phone continue harassing me endlessly to do so?
Asked: 08:57 20/01/2016
loopbiz 08:57 20/01/2016
Yep.... it will unless you root and modify some system stuff to eliminate the check.

Why, might I ask, are you refusing to take the upgrade to marshmallow?
jumpbug 08:57 20/01/2016
Because I got marshmallow on my moto g 3rd gen and now I can't connect wifi at work and I'm seriously pissed. And when i got lollipop on my last phone, it was ****ed up as well. Thinking about reverting to an older model that won't constantly disappoint me.

What if I don't want to upgrade to marshmallow?

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