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What is the best music player for windows 10 mobile?

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I tried a couple of media players. VLC always crashes when loading my library, i also tried audiotica which has a universal version of the app especially for windows 10, but the apps crashes multiple time and if it's not crashing, when i browse by artist, i can't select the album i want to play. Zbox was my favorite player on wp 8.1, but the app crashes. I have a microsoft lumia 640 with the latest insider release preview and all my music is on an sd card.
Asked: 21:12 23/06/2016
seo_am 21:12 23/06/2016
I'm a fan of CorePlayer.
writer99 21:12 23/06/2016
No mention of Groove Music? It does a pretty good job of playing locally stored media unless the music library is very large.
david_sakh 21:12 23/06/2016
How about KM Player?

What is the best music player for windows 10 mobile?

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What is the best music player for Windows 10 Mobile?

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