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What is wrong with Z-Zip and why will it not uninstall?

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When I go to control panel>right click on Z-Zip>click "uninstall", instead of uninstalling, I get a "program still running, stop it before uninstalling">I click "OK"> it takes me right back to the beginning, and goes in circles. What is going on?

Does anyone know about Z-Zip and whether it is a malware app?

Asked: 23:51 14/09/2016
blacikseamails 23:51 14/09/2016
It is likely it is malware. But it is not clear that it is as mainstream scanners don't mention it, just a bunch of websites I would never trust to download the 'removal tools.

7-zip is a great app and is not malware, but if you have something installed called z-zip then I suggest posting the details to a mainstream site like and seeing if they can help.

What is wrong with Z-Zip and why will it not uninstall?

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