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What should I do when find my iphone say this Apple ID is valid but you don't have iCloud account

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What should I do when find my iphone say this Apple ID is valid but you don't have iCloud account
Asked: 02:42 27/01/2016
edwin 02:42 27/01/2016
If you have an Apple ID, you have an iCloud account.

What are you trying to do?
hetheman 02:42 27/01/2016
Incorrect. Creating an Apple ID doesn't make it automatically an iCloud account. To convert a normal Apple ID into an iCloud account, you need to sign into iCloud on an iOS device with that Apple ID. Each iOS device has three 'tickets' (so to speak) than allow an Apple ID to be used as an iCloud account. Once an Apple ID is flagged as an iCloud account, that's permanent.
edwin 02:42 27/01/2016
Do you really think that reply helps the OP?

Forgive me if I over-simplified for our OP. There is no setup required to create an iCloud account. As you point out, once you sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID, the iCloud services are established for you. It sounds to me that's where he/she is and needs help with.

Of course I could be wrong. I'll wait to see if you tell me I am.
hetheman 02:42 27/01/2016
Actually, that was more to help you to avoid unintentionally giving inaccurate or misleading information. Apple IDs are not automatically iCloud accounts, unless they are created on the iPhone under Settings> iCloud (There are other ways, but this is the most common manner for iPhone users).

Sound more to me like they are trying to use the Find My iPhone app (which can be downloaded simply with any Apple ID signed into iTunes & App Store), and is then trying to sign into that app using an Apple ID that has not been 'flagged' as an iCloud account.

OP! Please give more specific details about EXACTLY what you are doing (signing into an app, signing into a website, etc.), where you are doing it (on your iPhone, on your computer, on someone else's device, etc.) and the exact text of the error message you are seeing.

What should I do when find my iphone say this Apple ID is valid but you don't have iCloud account

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