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When can I expect a Windows 10 Upgrade for my Nokia 530 8.1 Windows Phone?

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I own a Nokia 530 8.1 Windows Phone. The Manufacturer is listed as RM-1018_1007. The Carrier is Cricket. The OS version is 8:10:12400899 and the firmware revision number is 01068.00023.14333.26011.

I would really like to know if and when I can expect to receive a Windows 10 upgrade?
Asked: 13:42 06/02/2016
gahanfan 13:42 06/02/2016
You are not the only one who want to know when the 10 update will be released. But we simply do not know.
d360 13:42 06/02/2016
Does your device has 4 GB internal memory ?

If yes then better to buy another phone because Microsoft has planned to release update to devices having internal memory at least 8 GB
graeme 13:42 06/02/2016
Your device may not make the cut. As d360 points out, 4GB storage models may not see W10M outside of the Insider program.

Check Here for how to put your phone on Insider: Windows Insider (Phone) | MobiFAQ

As for dates... Stay tuned to our News Blog. They will shout out all OTA rollouts as they happen by model and country. Our members are great, many spotters will report in on conditions.

Additionally, we have a dedicated thread: W10M release dates? Answers inside... Check in there for updates.

With 10s of thousands of members and guests coming here daily we unfortunately cannot allow each and every one of them to have their own running thread on this issue.

If you want to have a discussion on this issue, post additional questions, etc... Please join the site so you can see the reply button and continue the conversation in the linked meta-thread. Please see this link for instructions on how to join MobiFAQ.

Thread closed.

When can I expect a Windows 10 Upgrade for my Nokia 530 8.1 Windows Phone?

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