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Where are all my icloud photos?

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I own iPhone 5. I restored my whole phone and backed it up from my latest back up which was 3/30/2016. I do not have all my photos. I have photos up to 4/4/2016 that came back but there are months missing. For instance the whole month of August and September are no where to be found. August was my daughters birthday month and all her pictures are gone. In December there are photos missing from Christmas day but others are there. I had around 5,000 photos on my iPhone and iCloud only pulled up 1500. Any idea of what went wrong? I really would like my photos back. Are there any data recovery programs that actually work? Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!
Asked: 05:12 18/05/2016
can1one 05:12 18/05/2016

I would recommend you check out this link below and it should help you.

Get help finding missing information in iCloud after restoring an iOS device - Apple Support

If this doesnt work contact Apple Support Live Chat.

williamscraig 05:12 18/05/2016
Try Get help finding missing information in iCloud after restoring an iOS device - Apple Support
notepage 05:12 18/05/2016
That doesn't make since if your icloud backup was dated 3/30/2016 you wouldn't gets recent pics that was date 4/4/2016. You would only get info from 3/30/2016
fluke 05:12 18/05/2016
I restored from back up 3/30/2016 and the most recent pics on there were from 4/4/2016.

Where are all my icloud photos?

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