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Who invented the Gear VR?

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Who was the person who came up with this idea and from which country was that person?
Asked: 06:09 18/04/2016
glengara 06:09 18/04/2016
I've really no exact answer to that. But as you can see on the Gear VR, Samsung and Oculus as companies are the ones to thank.
manosk 06:09 18/04/2016
This wasn't the work of any one person, it was the collaborative effort of Samsung and Oculus. Samsung helped Oculus out with displays for their developer kits (and I believe the finished product as well) and Oculus built the software that drives the Gear VR.
tht 06:09 18/04/2016
The driving force was Palmer Luckey

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manosk 06:09 18/04/2016
I doubt it. Samsung's VR efforts started well before Oculus got involved.

Who invented the Gear VR?

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