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why can i not download any apps from the windows store.

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I cannot download any apps from the store. I have followed all forum suggestions to no avail. Windows 10 anniversary update and edge. Microsoft sup[ort had me reload w10 in order to solve other problems, but it did not help with app downloading. Most forum solutions are basic and are dated.
Asked: 18:39 07/12/2016
will.spencer 18:39 07/12/2016
make sure your pc dont have any virus or clean it first reset completely
pam 18:39 07/12/2016
Can you help us by explaining exactly what happens when you try to install Store apps?
Maybe a silly question, but have you signed in with a Microsoft account?
rapidkey 18:39 07/12/2016
I had that problem for months. Turns out "my" XBOX profile was set to not allow anything to be downloaded.
I never used any xbox or any profile connected to xbox. I tried everything, and reinstalled more times than I can remember - with and without downloading settings. It was only because some app finally threw up an error that was different from the "Something went wrong on our end - please try again in a few minutes" error I had gotten till then.
Come to think of it, I could download apps I already owned from "my library" in the store. So I could download some apps. It was just anything I hadn't downloaded before I couldn't download. I bumped into this problem with a new computer, and when Edge began to support adblock and other plugins, I was bummed that I couldn't download anything new from the store.

why can i not download any apps from the windows store.

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