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why can't I add contacts

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When I go to ppl and press + it just takes me back to the home screen.
Asked: 18:39 25/03/2016
bizsites 18:39 25/03/2016
When I go to ppl and press + it just takes me back to the home screen.What type of accounts do you have connected to your phone? Outlook? Google? etc. Look at "Settings/Accounts/Email & App Accounts" and you'll see the list of connected accounts for Email/Calendar/Contacts.Then go back to "Settings/Accounts/Sync Your Settings" and make sure that "Sync Settings" is 'On'.
fornews 18:39 25/03/2016

1) firstly you must add your Microsoft account

2) even after first step, my lumia kept giving me same problem exactly as yours till windows & People App get updated

why can't I add contacts

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