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Why can't I choose the aspect ratio when shooting pictures?

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As the topic suggests, why can't I choose myself what aspect ratio should be used when shooting pictures using my iPhone 6s? All pictures are shot using 4:3 where I would like to have them in 16:9.

I do realize using 16:9 would not make full use of the 12 MPs the iPhone 6s camera is capable of. I also realize I can change the aspect ratio using software on my computer afterwards or use a 3rd party camera app that will allow me to choose what aspect ratio to use. What I don't get is why Apple won't allow me to make this decision myself in the default camera app that comes with the mobile?

So why do I prefer to have my pictures shot in 16:9?

Well...I guess the answer is quite obvious...99% of the screens where I'll watch the pictures shot by my iPhone 6s will be wide screens where a 4:3 format shot will result in black borders to the right and left of the actual shot...not looking particularly nice IMHO. Funny enough this also includes the iPhone 6s itself...

With this said I fully understand why some people would prefer to make use of all MPs in the camera rather than having 16:9 format. Of course it all comes down to what you'll do with your pictures.

So this takes us back to my original question, why won't Apple allow me to choose what format I would like to use shooting pictures using my own mobile phone?
Asked: 11:27 09/06/2016
oliphaunt 11:27 09/06/2016
Nobody here could possibly answer that question. As you point out, there are solutions to your issue. Use them. IMO, it is much more effective to create the photograph using all the pixels you can and crop afterwards. You can easily produce multiple versions of a panoramic shot vs. taking more shots.

It's actually against the rules here to speculate on why Apple does what it does, so you're not likely to hear any opinions about this.

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craig 11:27 09/06/2016
Sorry, wasn't aware you can't speak freely in here but should have guessed now that I think about it

Thanks for your reply though and feel free any moderator to delete my post if you find it going against the rules in here.
oliphaunt 11:27 09/06/2016
Not about speaking freely at all.

It's about insuring a civil discussion about how to resolve technical issues.

Discussions about religion and politics are often less volatile than "Why Does Apple Do... " or "Why Doesn't Apple Do ...."

I doubt your post will be deleted, it just likely won't attract much traffic... but I could be wrong.

Why can't I choose the aspect ratio when shooting pictures?

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