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Why can't I get 3g working on my phone, it uses only 2g?

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sim in another phone is giving even hspa! on the same place.

apn settings of provider with helpdesk verified, seems so ok.

I think a software setting....... hope not hardware.....

any sugestions?

Roaming is not on since this is fade out an giving not a roaming region!
Asked: 17:03 16/02/2016
jorge 17:03 16/02/2016
Welcome to MobiFAQ! Which carrier do you have, and which exact model? There are a few variants. You can find the supported 3G and 4G bands here: LG G Pro 2 - Full phone specifications. Cross-reference this with the bands that your carrier uses. If there is no overlap, then the phone can't use 3G/4G.

Also, go to Settings>Mobile Networks>Network>Preferred Network Type​, and make sure it isn't set to 2G only.
apu 17:03 16/02/2016

Thanks for your quick answer.

The phone is lg g pro2 lg-F350K

The network is set on automatic (other option is 3g. When selected no data at all)

According to the seller - where I also put the question - the bands in info are:

• Network Band: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz + WCDMA 900/2100 MHz + LTE 900/1800Mhz

As far as I know for WCDMA the same as in Holland Simyo/KPN network.

I have running Android 5.0.1 Software version F350K20g

As mentioned the APN is checked by the SIMYO helpdesk

Today i usesd it in the car and even at the highest level of 2G (-50 db with app: network cell info lite) it does not switch to 3g.

So resuming, something is holding it... but what ......
jorge 17:03 16/02/2016
Do you know what the KPN signal strength is in those areas? Can you compare with anyone else on that carrier? It's possible the coverage in your area is poor, and therefore you're only getting 2G.
apu 17:03 16/02/2016

Sim in another phone is giving HSPA. *Samsung (small cheap phone)

If phone could not handle signal then it should change to 3g by best 2g signal.

As mentioned it does not even with signal better as -50 DB!

So, signal no problem, sim no problem.

Resuming, parameter, soft or hardware of phone is the problem.
jfenlon 17:03 16/02/2016
KPN is 900/2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+. WCDMA isn't UNTS, so it looks as if the phone can't handle KPN set up that way. Try setting it to UMTS or HSDPA (whichever setting it uses for 3G).
apu 17:03 16/02/2016


Looked into KPN 900 en 2100 MHZ s nearby ..... so you can imagine 2100 should be the one .....

tried in the menu 3g then no connection

tried in the hidden menu wcdma 2100 ( 5457#*350#) no connection

tried user PMLN 204 / 08 RAT (UMTS) no connection

so 2100 mhz in one country seem to react otherwise in another...... strange?

Why can't I get 3g working on my phone, it uses only 2g?

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