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Why can't I open my email in my Passport message list?

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I click on an email and nothing happens, only gives me an option to delete or file?
Asked: 03:30 07/12/2016
bbrunton 03:30 07/12/2016
I click on an email and nothing happens, only gives me an option to delete or file?Is it a single email or all within an account?
Start by refreshing your the hub swipe diagonally down from top right corner about 4 or 5 times to refresh.
if it's an entire account it could be server related or you may have to delete account and set it back up again.
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flyer 03:30 07/12/2016
It's happening with every account I have, even after a refresh
flyer 03:30 07/12/2016
Deleted account and added it back and it's still happening, won't open an email
bbrunton 03:30 07/12/2016
Is there any difference between WiFi and network attempts?
Try a "hard reboot"of device.
Hold power button down for about 20-30 seconds until red LED flashes and BlackBerry bootloader reappears.
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Why can't I open my email in my Passport message list?

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