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Why did my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 randomly shut off and not turn back on??

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My phone (wI've never had a single problem with) was working fine one minute and then it shut off and i can't get it to turn back on. It vibrates and gets to the black screen that says Samsung Galaxy Note 3, in wletters and vibrates and goes back to a black screen and then vibrates and back to the other screen. It just switches between the two. I've tried several t- taking battery out, drained capacitor (found in tech forum), tried turning on in safe mode, and tried wiping the cache partition but couldn't access it- flashed "error" on top left. Why did thappen?? And how do I fix t
Asked: 05:12 18/12/2015
harold 05:12 18/12/2015
Welcome to MobiFAQ! Have you also tried a new or different battery? If the problem still persists, then I'd be concerned about either a corrupt firmware or faulty motherboard. Are you able to boot into Download Mode? If so, see if you can reflash the stock firmware: [Guide][Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN with the New Interface

Why did my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 randomly shut off and not turn back on??

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