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Why does my address bar Auto clear?

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Everytime I click on the address bar the address link disappears, wanting me to "search or type URL" but I don't want the link to disappear. A lot of times I want to copy it and share it to my friends but I can't share a link that keeps disappearing before I'm able to copy it.

How do I stop it from Auto clearing?
Asked: 08:57 18/04/2016
yep 08:57 18/04/2016
Hi Welcome to AC!

What browser are you using? If it's Chrome, have you tried hitting the 3 dots menu, selecting share, and then copy to clipboard? It will put the link in the clipboard for you.
magiana 08:57 18/04/2016
Thanks man! You're the best!

Why does my address bar Auto clear?

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