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why does windows 10 not have a simple way just to type something

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There is no icon and nothing I can find to allow me to write a letter since downloading windows 10. I absolutely hate it!
Asked: 08:48 15/01/2016
kisan 08:48 15/01/2016
You can always roll back to 8.1, if you did an upgrade.
jskauppi 08:48 15/01/2016
I don't understand.

Something like Notepad? or... email? or...
johnedgley 08:48 15/01/2016
That's because you have to download Office program like MS Word
monster 08:48 15/01/2016
There are a ton of note/Word like apps in the store.

why does windows 10 not have a simple way just to type something

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