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Why i can't sign into existing Google Account

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My phone is a AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 (ZTE) and i'm trying to sign into my google account on my android phone after a factory reset. But whenever i put in the email and password and click next, it shows me a page with a robot fixing himself saying "The page you requested is invalid". I tried this more than 40 times today, i tried signing in from other apps but nothing works, is there a solution for this?
Asked: 16:55 11/10/2015

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hotels 16:55 11/10/2015
Welcome to MobiFAQ! I assume you mean LTE. ZTE is a Chinese mobile device manufacturer.

Do you have 2-step authentication turned on for your Google account? If so, go to your Google account settings on your computer and turn off 2-step temporarily. Now try to log in on the phone again.

Why i can't sign into existing Google Account

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