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why is my battery draining so fast?

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my phone charges and says 100%, but within a couple of hours it almost dead. plus it keeps telling me to install the Samsung gear vr and I don't have one. it also tells me my phone is connected to a charger when its in my back pocket!
Asked: 09:06 18/04/2016
michaelberk 09:06 18/04/2016
What do your battery usage stats indicate after such a discharge?
j1e1g1 09:06 18/04/2016
On my phone the screen brightness makes a huge difference in how long the battery lasts. When I come in the house or any darker area, I turn the brightness way down.
jillgarrison 09:06 18/04/2016
Try doing a hard reset using the buttons and see how it goes from there!

why is my battery draining so fast?

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