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Why is my LG G3 suddenly turning it's wifi on and off regardless of settings?

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I turn my phone on AIRPLANE mode at night so I won't get notifications and be woken up with updates and so on but last night no matter what my settings were on my WIFI was coming on and going off even when in AIRPLANE mode. I turned the phone off totally last night and just let it REST hoping I could get an answer or get it fixed today. I don't really want to do a hard reset and I thought maybe the problem was in my launcher, which is not the factory one but changing that didn't seem to make a difference. HELP. I can't have this coming on and off when I don't want it to.
Asked: 13:54 09/04/2016
headbuilder 13:54 09/04/2016

See if this can help: [GUIDE] Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Problems


Why is my LG G3 suddenly turning it's wifi on and off regardless of settings?

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