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Why is Solitaire Collection showing in French?

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Solitaire Collection has switched to French inexplicably. I've followed all instructions on the Net to put Canadian English as the default language for my whole PC but the Games still open and operate in French. How can I correct this?
I followed previous advice: uninstalled Solitaire Collection, but when I downloaded it from MS Store and clicked on "Get it" I was switched to the French language store - Magasin - putting me in an endless loop of French. No matter what I do I can't get Solitaire Collection in English.
Asked: 15:51 07/12/2016
jerry2 15:51 07/12/2016
Hi to MobiFAQ. The only thing that comes to my mind at this time is reset your browser or try a different browser. What browser are you using? Here's link from HTG that might help you!

Why is Solitaire Collection showing in French?

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