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Why my iphone se has a yellow screen?I

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So i bought new iphone se and i compare to iphone 6. I saw a big difference, my SE has more yellow screen than the 6. Is it normal?

I also read the glue issue, they didnt tell more about the result after several weeks waiting.
Asked: 11:00 17/05/2016
clubbin714 11:00 17/05/2016
Do you have Night Shift turned on? If so, that allows you to add yellow to the screen. There are settings for the screen color in Night Shift if you happen to have it activated.
iphone 11:00 17/05/2016
If you think the iPhone is defective, take it to an Apple Store or Authorized Apple Service Center for an assessment.

You might also consider checking Settings> Display & Brightness> Night Shift, which affects the screen colors.

Why my iphone se has a yellow screen?I

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