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Why my Samsung Galaxy Grand is randomly restarting ?

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Hello, I have a samsung galaxy grand with the kitkat 4.4 installed in it. My phone keeps restarting in a randomly way every day, sometimes I used only for 10 minutes then it restarts, other times takes 5 hours till it restarts.

I tried to clean the battery and the their connections, but this not worked. Do you have a idea or better a solution for my problem?

Thank you your time.
Asked: 00:33 16/12/2015
theburninghouse 00:33 16/12/2015
I had a LG phone that after getting wet it used to do that.

Have you dropped your phone in water or on a hard place lately?

If not, maybe the battery is not good anymore.

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to know what exactly is going on.

Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Have you tried a factory reset (after saving all your data, of course)?
captainamerica 00:33 16/12/2015
It seems google play service error.

My note2 has same problem.

Why my Samsung Galaxy Grand is randomly restarting ?

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