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Why won't Groove Music see music on my phones sd card?

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- I have a Lumia 640.

- Copied all of my music via File Explorer with my phone plugged into my computer.

- It took a few times copying over the songs (for some reason it didn't copy all the first time).

- Most songs are there and I can play them offline but some I can not.

- The most frustrating part is the entire album I just bought through Groove Music won't play on my phone unless I am on wifi (OneDrive) or I manually go into the file explorer app on my phone and select the song.

- Is this a DRM issue? Does Groove only play songs that don't have DRM protection?

- If not, how can I get the Groove Music app to "look" for songs on my phone & my sd card?

Thanks for any help.
Asked: 02:57 27/04/2016
nates 02:57 27/04/2016
The Groove app often takes some time to scan for new music and reindex it's database. It is a pain, but the songs will show up in Groove.

Let the screen unlocked while in the Groove app for a little while, it seems to help.
theburninghouse 02:57 27/04/2016
Original question was from me, didn't have an account when I asked it.

Anyway, the songs I synched to my phone were done about 3 weeks ago and still will not play unless I have a connection. (I'm on Sprint but I have a Lumia 640 without cell service. Only Wi-Fi.)

I'm signed into my Microsoft account in the Groove app. If I long press on the song, select download, then the song is always available. It seems that Groove Music will not look at my music folder on my SD card, only my internal storage and I've found no way to get it to look at certain folders.

I can manually go to my SD card, find a song that isn't on internal storage, select it and have it play in the Groove Music app (only once, need to do it every time).
nadlay 02:57 27/04/2016
I've had this problem for forever. Groove is just a terrible app. There's just no way around it. Groove has yet to show all of my music since I've gotten it about 5 months ago. No update has ever fixed this problem.
dabigmoe 02:57 27/04/2016
Groove on PC or phone?

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Why won't Groove Music see music on my phones sd card?

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Why won't Groove Music see music on my phones sd card?

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