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Why won't my phone recognize my auxiliarycord

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When I plug a straight auxiliary cord into my headphone jack it won't recognize it. It will if it's headphones, but I like to listen while in the car. I've tried finding the solution somewhere in the settings but I can't find it
Asked: 08:06 30/03/2016
dark_matter 08:06 30/03/2016
What mobile you been using ?? Have you tried the cord with some other phone? or have you tried any other AUX cable?
accessibleseo 08:06 30/03/2016
First try a different AUX cable. If it still doesn't work, try using a different phone with the same AUX cable. If it works, then we have more work to do. If it doesn't work, then it seems your problem lies with your car's radio.

Why won't my phone recognize my auxiliarycord

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