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Wi-Fi assistence data with iphone 6 with watch

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Since i started to use iphone 6 (IOS 9.3) with the apple watch (2.2), Wi-Fi assistant started to consume data cellular also if the "Wi-Fi assistant" setting is always turned off !

I don't know how it's possible, if the specific setting is turned off

I upgrade both iphone and watch at the latest version.

I also tried to restore iphone and watch.
Asked: 17:42 07/06/2016
sicton 17:42 07/06/2016

Turning off Wi-Fi Assist turns off that feature on your iPhone, but it does not turn off cellular data completely (this is governed by other settings - see the article below). Apple Watch does not have cellular capabilities of its own, so cannot incur cellular data usage other than via the paired iPhone.

You may find it helpful to reset the statistics on the same screen as the setting for Wi-Fi Assist (with iOS 9.3 and later, you can see how much cellular data has been used when Wi-Fi Assist is turned on).

- On your iPhone, go to: Settings> Cellular / Mobile Data> scroll down to the bottom> turn off Wi-Fi Assist, then also tap on Reset Statistics.

More information:

About Wi-Fi Assist - Apple Support

About cellular data settings and usage on your iPhone and iPad - Apple Support

If your issue persists and/or you still have questions about cellular data, may wish to contact Apple Support:

Contact - Official Apple Support
metrics 17:42 07/06/2016
Hi Jonathan, first thank you for your prompt reply.
  • already contacted apple support: "it's normal to have few kb consumed also if you have WiFi assist turned off" ()
  • turned off Wi-Fi Assist (it's always off), tapped on Reset Statistics, but every 2/3 days i see some few kb consumed

Apple Watch cellular capabilities are via Iphone, ok, but if i turn off Assist, why Assist continue to work? (maybe in background..)
sicton 17:42 07/06/2016
You're welcome!

I suggest that you direct any further questions to Apple Support.

Wi-Fi assistence data with iphone 6 with watch

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