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Will a Tmobile samsung S4 work on verzion network

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Will a T mobile Samsung S4 work on Verizon network
Asked: 13:12 25/12/2015
martin23 13:12 25/12/2015
No... it lacks the CDMA and full set of LTE radio bands to function on Verizon's network.
huyhk 13:12 25/12/2015
No, T-mobile and Verizon's networks use different signal bands.
d360 13:12 25/12/2015
Regardless of radio bands, one is CDMA and the other is GSM. Just not possible sorry.
mobiques 11:10 03/01/2018
To change network in Samsung S4 it needs to be unlocked. Once unlocked it can accept other GSM networks but not CDMA networks like Verizon. To unlock, I suggest you can approach and specify the country,locked network of Samsung S4.Based on the availability you can get the permanent unlock service along with free instructions.

Will a Tmobile samsung S4 work on verzion network

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