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Will all my photos be gone if I delete Dropbox off of my phone?

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My iPhone has been having problems so Apple said they might have to reset my phone completely wiping all of my memory on my phone. I have Dropbox on my computer and all my photos are on my computer in Dropbox. So if they do have to wipe my phone and Dropbox gets deleted will I lose all my photos? If so then how do I prevent this?
Asked: 01:49 09/10/2015

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neng 01:49 09/10/2015
Dropbox photos are saved in the cloud on a remote server, not on your phone. You'll still have them after you reset your phone and reinstall the Dropbox app.
johnedgley 01:49 09/10/2015
Make backup copies of all pix
immediately after taking them
so that they cannot be lost.
awddesign 01:49 09/10/2015
You will still have access to Dropbox with your computer.
tom 01:52 09/10/2015
Don't worry, photos on dropbox are stored in their server. You should be worry if you forget your dropbox password.
If you want to be sure that your photos are safe, you should backup all of them to your external hard disc also.
Don't trust online cloud services. Remember Megaupload story?

Will all my photos be gone if I delete Dropbox off of my phone?

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