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Will i lose information when i switch the sim card from an alcatel to a htc phone

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I have a pin number to unlock my phone. I want to transfer my sim card to another phone. Will this work?
Asked: 08:48 03/03/2016
robinsong 08:48 03/03/2016
The SIM will work in the new phone as long as it's the same size.
mobiques 00:01 29/09/2017
The HTC should not be locked with a different network. If it is, then you need to unlock the phone. To unlock, I suggest you can approach and specify the country,locked network of HTC.Based on the availability you can get the permanent unlock service along with free instructions. Before transferring copy your contacts and apps to sim and memory card respectively, so that you wont loose any information.

Will i lose information when i switch the sim card from an alcatel to a htc phone

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