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will the xbox one be able to play project scorpio games?

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I am wanting to buy an xbox one but i know in a year or so project scorpio is due to be released, will i be able to buy project scorpio games and play them on my xbox one
Asked: 01:39 07/10/2016
kavakava 01:39 07/10/2016
I believe the only "exclusive" Project Scorpio games will be the VR games. All the non-VR games are supposed to run on the One, One S, & Scorpio.
On a side note, they need to change the name when Project Scorpio is released... I think PS is kind of reserved for another console.
canadaone 01:39 07/10/2016
I think all we can offer you is speculation and educated guesses...

will the xbox one be able to play project scorpio games?

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