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Windows 10 and Darrin Deyoung

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I have been working for a year now on windows 10 my pc updated and now I am stuck on demo mode how do I get rid of Darrin DeYoung and what are the correct password .
Asked: 16:15 29/09/2016
quackattack 16:15 29/09/2016
HI to MobiFAQ forums
Windows 10 includes a Retail Demo experience mode. This feature basically is useful for and meant for retail store staff who want to demo Windows 10 to customers.
You could use the disk clean up tool to remove the retail demo, as you run the disk clean up tool you will find a section reading " retail demo offline content" it is safe to delete it, once deleted reboot your system
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Windows 10 and Darrin Deyoung

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