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Windows Phone 10 Build finally killed my NOKIA Lumia 930 Gold Edt.

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I already happened several times, but today's "update" finally did it. The phone is rolling in a loop, settings wheels, then some progress, then battery empty sign then battery sign with a question mark (note that the battery was full!).

Tried the following:

1) Hard reset using key combo - DID NOT WORK


The phone keep rebooting in a loop which never stops. None of the methods above worked. The phone is finally dead.

As much as I love Windows Phone, more I hate Microsoft now. In fact, these rubbish builds have been killing my phone, but now finally I cannot recover it any more.

So dear Microsoft, I'm ready to sue you. That's the least I can do. About the rest I will talk to my lawyer. See you soon!
Asked: 19:45 19/09/2016
googl2 19:45 19/09/2016
DID NOT FIND THE PHONE, COULD NOT CONNECT TO ITyou can force flash the firmware by choosing the option " my phone was not detected" try that and post the results. We are sorry for the tragic experience you had with the update , also was it the insider build or public release of redstone 1?
1digital 19:45 19/09/2016
The phone originally came with 8 or 8.1. Now previously I did have a preview release but after the hard reset, the phone just went on updating itself to the official Windows 10 and it's been like this since. Then from the last 4 out of 5 builds the phone froze / kept looping in the deadly loops, but I was able to hard reset it, but not today.

PS Also, never before it showed me the question mark on the battery sign in the middle of the screen (battery sign is the one when the battery gets completely empty with the red line in the bottom of the battery icon). Tried everything with the recovery tool, all options, but nothing worked. The phone is definitely dead.

PS2 I am literally going from proud (of having been part of the Windows ecosystem) to ASHAMED.
1digital 19:45 19/09/2016
And PS3 Microsoft is gonna me the brand new phone or else I' gonna push them to the end of the sky. No messing around anymore. Gonna spread this **** everywere, what a bunch of amateurs. What kinda morons are working there so they're not able to release a stable build?! Damn phone cost me 400 EUR and dmn sure they will pay for it. Plus all the other expenses. I'm sorry but this just broke my boiling pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keywordseo 19:45 19/09/2016
You might try sending it in for service. You might find a replacement for fairly cheap too that might make the service trip not worth the bother. I have the 929 and have not lost the phone. I definitely understand the frustration. Since so many have not had issues, but you have, maybe the Nand hit the end of it's life or the board? Sounds like you have no controller or nothing to be controlled.
adaclient 19:45 19/09/2016
My Lumia 930 done the same thing in about an hour when i've picked the latest update. First thing ive done was soft reset=0 points. Than i connected my phone on PC and used Windows device repair tool and left the phone connected to the pc. It just went on reboot loops as usual, but at some point when i pushed that MY DEVICE IS NOT RECOGNIZED he discoverd my phone and downloaded 1.72 GB of repair. I have managed to turn on my phone and it was on windows 8.1. I am doing upgrade....

Windows Phone 10 Build finally killed my NOKIA Lumia 930 Gold Edt.

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