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Why is Bing index service down??

I am using manual submission to submit website of my client on Ming but whenever I submit I get message that : The page you...

by nivlek78 Last post 13:45 29/11/2016 653 1

Can I play Xbox one on a laptop without windows 10?

I have tried to look up how to play Xbox on my laptop without windows 10 but nothing shows up

by msja Last post 08:15 29/11/2016 753 1

How to lock a drive after unlocking it once through bit locker.

I am using Windows 10 Pro I have set unlocking password to one of my drive using bitlocker after starting my system if I unlock...

by shirltrev1 Last post 08:09 29/11/2016 638 1

Is there a smartphone lens systems for Windows 950XL?

I haven't been able to find a specific lens advertised for the 950 XL on the web

by philr Last post 01:21 29/11/2016 619 2

windows 10 hello can't find my camera

windows hello says can't find camera neither can skype but it did before 10/28 update

by kenchix1 Last post 23:57 28/11/2016 1042 2

had to get a new computer, wanted to download bitdefender but it didn't recognize me, why?

see above that's enough info

by navro Last post 22:27 28/11/2016 831 1

computer crashes, requires startup repair, whilst gaming

This happens whilst gaming It can freeze/crash at any time and in any game The computer will then no longer boot up and I will...

by lsenft Last post 18:30 28/11/2016 599 2

sorting by genre in groove music app

Is there a way with the updated Groove music app to sort albums and songs by genre? The icons on the left side suggest no but...

by destinodviaje Last post 18:27 28/11/2016 676 1

Groove shuts down

I created playlist and Groove shuts down after a few songs

by roj Last post 18:24 28/11/2016 566 1

i need a fix for the rundll error on windows 10

when my comp boots up I get an error box saying my rundll backgroundcontainer is missing

by prpearce Last post 18:21 28/11/2016 624 1

Best Wireless Router for Windows ecosystem?

I need to upgrade all my network equipment including my wireless router Which manufacturer (Linksys NetGear etc ) makes the...

by jetta16 Last post 16:33 28/11/2016 567 5

I would like to purchase Lumia 950,

i have watched some reviews in you tube telling that it has some software bugs and not performing upto the mark Being a windows...

by bresso Last post 15:09 28/11/2016 616 2

My Nokia Lumia 930's power button has stopped functioning properly, and i can't lock or unlock my ph

I have soft resetted the phone numerous times and almost everytime the phone's quick actions bar would be blank for 2 3 minutes...

by joshc Last post 09:21 28/11/2016 1065 1

Partial Glance Screen missing on new Lumia 950,

Phone Lumia 950 bought last week Worked well but now this glance screen issue appeared Running windows 10 Before the text used...

by utrosa Last post 06:39 28/11/2016 607 3

Why my laptop seems can't handle any game.

Why my laptop seems can't handle any game? is this battery problem? every time i play "League Of Legends Naruto Shippuden...

by nelsonhomer Last post 05:39 28/11/2016 971 5

desktop icons was moved from left to right

when i turned on my laptop desktop icons from left and right was interchanged how do i fix this ? can anybody help me ?

by commodo Last post 03:45 28/11/2016 677 8

What is my max notifications is?

The max notification is 20

by flak Last post 02:33 28/11/2016 814 1

my screen is black how much does it cost to fix?

I got into a fight with boyfriend fighting over the phone and from the force of our hands the screen went halfway black with...

by juno106 Last post 01:03 28/11/2016 611 1

"How To Get Help in Windows 10" CONSTANTLY popping up.

So I'm doing work on my laptop and the Google Chrome tab glows orange I check to see why and I see "how to get help in windows...

by vlchild Last post 23:39 27/11/2016 994 1

Surface Pro 4 vs Mac Book Pro

I just purchased a brand new SP4 but I already have a Mac book Pro Ill be going to college in a few months to study...

by rth Last post 22:33 27/11/2016 562 1