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using groove kills my display, pc becomes useless and must be unplugged.

Selecting any/all MP3 files and using top menu in file manager to play results in groove starting then screen immediately going...

by zodiac51 Last post 13:33 25/11/2016 443 1

why does my phone have a white screen after entering passcode

Nokia 635 I enter my passcode and all I get is a white screen afterwards No tiles and no way or cancelling out once I'm in None...

by grasshoppa Last post 12:06 25/11/2016 519 1

All my folders are missing

I have wind 10 and 6 days since I can not see my folders

by zmsan Last post 12:03 25/11/2016 476 1

Why does my excel 2007 change to excel online when I drag across to Onedrive

I have created a spread sheet in Excel 2007 and sent it to One Drive In One Drive it has saved as Excel Online with the limited...

by nemesis Last post 09:09 25/11/2016 439 1

how to update last 8.1 OS in lumia 730.?

i had downgraded windows 10 to 8 1 but it seems that my phone is not at last version of 8 1 OS so can you tell me how to update...

by art Last post 07:51 25/11/2016 444 1

My apps won't update on my 950xl...

Damn it seems to be really buggy Just got it new and when I first turned it on and went through the set up to include porting...

by ptrmk Last post 06:33 25/11/2016 634 3

How Cortana Knew that ?

Hey guys I'm from India & I've been using windows 10 since it launch now I'm using windows 10 anniversary update Today...

by vorapolpanya Last post 05:09 25/11/2016 438 4

How to cure problems with bubbleshooter game not launching.

I've had Absolutist Bubble Shooter Premium Edition and ABS de luxe games for months and suddenly they fail to launch in...

by robw Last post 01:09 25/11/2016 447 3

Can i use any windows 10 iso to repair surface?

Hello! I'm leaving Insider program on my Primary device (Surface3) Resetting options didn't work so I have to make a bootable...

by ultraon Last post 01:03 25/11/2016 551 2

how can I get out of "undoing changes" loop in toshiba satellite click?

My laptop goes from the "toshiba" screen directly to "undoing changes; do not turn off computer" and stays there for hours I am...

by cindos Last post 23:21 24/11/2016 744 2

No tiles on my brand new 950XL, just the list of apps.

I just received my new 950XL unlocked version I went through all the set up and now I find only the alphabetical list of my...

by yiffyfox Last post 22:21 24/11/2016 503 1

When will gl702vm release in India?

When will gl702vm release in India?

by shoemoney Last post 22:18 24/11/2016 556 1

Why won't my Lumia 435 charge?

We have a Lumia 435 and the battery charger isn't charging the phone

by bkochem Last post 22:15 24/11/2016 980 2

How to choose folder in Android smartphone for synchronization?

Hello Where can I see folders (directories) which are synchronized by Onedrive? I would add one more I couldn't find such...

by forestphil Last post 20:36 24/11/2016 452 1

There are two of your apps in the Windows Store, which one should I download?

One is by Mobile Nations and the other is by Jay Bennett

by jgruman Last post 20:33 24/11/2016 445 1

Home group cannot set up on this computer?

cannot set up home group on windows 10 desk top

by digitalcamera Last post 18:06 24/11/2016 470 3

Why is my battery on my 625 draining so fast? Is there an authorized battery seller?

I have used this for over 2 years now Would someone be able to recommend any battery seller on Aliexpress? Thanks

by fiftybyfifty Last post 18:03 24/11/2016 427 1

Phone is not downloading updates

Currently I'm using BLU WIN HD LTE phone with OS BUILD 10 0 14393 67(download from insider preview build) The problem I'm...

by condor Last post 17:57 24/11/2016 577 2

Windows 10 Won't Login at Welcome Screen

I recently followed EA Origin's advice to uninstall Battlefield 1 and reinstall it in the hopes that I could play online again...

by will.spencer Last post 16:09 24/11/2016 759 1

Is there a way of wiping a Surface 3 hard drive when screen is broken?

Hi Tragedy struck my Surface 3 sceen the other day Somehow the touch pen got wedged between the keyboard and screen and...

by peters Last post 13:33 24/11/2016 472 2