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why can i not download any apps from the windows store.

I cannot download any apps from the store I have followed all forum suggestions to no avail Windows 10 anniversary update and...

by loum Last post 11:39 07/12/2016 980 3

ynew apps nt instaling in my ph,alwys shwing a err msg after dnlding nd in pending state

I did hardreset to my phone but after that it is showing only 3 apps skype fm radio storage No call logs message icons even if...

by vemusudha Last post 10:09 07/12/2016 918 1

Why is Solitaire Collection showing in French?

Solitaire Collection has switched to French inexplicably I've followed all instructions on the Net to put Canadian English as...

by cshetler Last post 08:51 07/12/2016 1154 1

Does anyone has WP 8.0 Lumia Icon Firmware???

I am looking forward on fixing my Icon's reddish/greenish/whatever display which it's completely screwed by the 8 1 update But...

by david Last post 07:33 07/12/2016 917 2

how do I get my external mouse to show a cursor on my screen?

I have a mouse that i plug into my laptop I recently took my laptop in to get cleaned and while they had it they upgraded it...

by juno106 Last post 06:03 07/12/2016 837 1

How is Windows Hello on the Lumia 950?

I got a Lumia 950 a few months ago I know that the Lumia 950 is capable of using the new Windows Hello feature I'm interested...

by digitallabz Last post 04:27 07/12/2016 990 3

How to unlock after locked in tablet mode?

I was reading email in tablet mode that I locked in position Now I have laptop open again and I can't unlock/open Windows 10 or...

by dsorensen Last post 03:21 07/12/2016 825 1

why can't i open microsoft solitaire?

error code 107 101 1 appears

by vishal Last post 01:51 07/12/2016 1270 1

why is the weatherreport not showing

the weather app is on the screen but the report itself will not show why?

by larysmith711 Last post 01:48 07/12/2016 929 1

Why my battery is not charging in my Lumina 950 and how long the warranty work in this phone

I had this 3 months whit this phone and is frustrating that's not working anymore

by nivlek78 Last post 01:45 07/12/2016 812 2

Upgrade from Windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad with 32 bit Windows 10 and a 64 bit processor I followed the procedure for upgrading from 32 bit to 64...

by dns Last post 00:39 07/12/2016 832 3

AOL Browser Tab

For months now AOL appears to have a problem with its Browser Tab especially when it comes to Facebook messages Try to respond...

by geir Last post 23:03 06/12/2016 982 1

Error Code:0xc0000034

How can I fix my ACER

by paul Last post 21:27 06/12/2016 808 1

My phone bluescreend and now is totally dead

hi need help I decided to roll back to the previous build for windows 10 mobile on my lumia 640 which need me to roll back to...

by thedude Last post 20:21 06/12/2016 1473 15

Can anyone *confirm* what Windows 10 mobile phones support call recording?

I read that all the phones that came with W10M out of the box should support it but I want to be sure before committing to buy...

by okguyjames Last post 19:15 06/12/2016 698 9

MS Store is not updating my apps anymore (950XL two latest Insider Builds)

After the previous update to Insider Build (the two latest versions) Store is not updating my apps anymore Even when I check...

by juno106 Last post 19:12 06/12/2016 807 1

Which should I buy: Lumia 640 or Lumia 930?

Hi I'm developing UWP app and I need a phone to run it I currently have Lumia 920 but it's rather old and it does not support...

by waynedcam Last post 19:09 06/12/2016 709 1

Does the 550 come with a memory card? Or has it a built in memory

Does the lumia 550 come with a memory card

by trafficproducer Last post 19:06 06/12/2016 683 3

How can I merge 2 playlists together in groove music?

I added some music from my computer to my phone but when I added it to groove music it started a new playlist not my normal one

by vince Last post 19:03 06/12/2016 925 1
751 and addresses on windows phone

Is anyone aware of a work around for making sympatico ca and bell net addresses to work on windows phone email application Some...

by vrindavan Last post 17:36 06/12/2016 751 5