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What is wrong with my laptop?

Hello I'm having DELL laptop and i have some problems and i don't know where to ask so i am searching for help My laptop is...

by jaxxkr Last post 17:33 06/12/2016 794 2

why my windows store alway loading? how can i fix it?

it's also loading I have wait for 2 3h but it still loading

by snowthunder Last post 17:27 06/12/2016 802 1

12.5in HP Pro X2 612 G1 Tablet Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 180GB SSD Windows 7

Can i upgrade to windows 10 (free?)

by j1e1g1 Last post 15:57 06/12/2016 812 1

can't see contacts on new lumia 950

I backed up my apps and settings from my old lumia 930 using my MS account but when I try to use my new lumia 950 the contacts...

by miles Last post 12:57 06/12/2016 1251 1

Lumia 1520 Battery Dead near 40%

Hi #128587; I have a Lumia 1520 which is working for about 3 years recently I have a problem with my battery percentage for...

by tduchch Last post 10:03 06/12/2016 728 1

Can you play Minecraft online on PC and Xbox together?

Would like to play with kids on Xbox while in other room on PC

by qll Last post 04:42 06/12/2016 730 1

VPN keeps disconnecting

Hi I'm trying to use VPN on Lumia 930 WP10 I had to enter the servers manually (there's no app in store) After it I select one...

by timm Last post 04:39 06/12/2016 622 1

Video player crashes running video in WhatsApp on Windows Phone 8.1

My Microsoft Lumia 540 running Windows 8 1 has issue with WhatsApp WhatsApp application crashes after running any video 2 3...

by kdb003 Last post 01:45 06/12/2016 680 2

Is Win 10 Pro better than the Win 10 Education?

I can get Win 10 Education for free but should I go for Win 10 Pro for a little bit of money?

by buzliteyear Last post 01:39 06/12/2016 649 2

help unlock galaxy 6

att sent me 2 puk codes and i cant get either one to work please help

by rhastman Last post 00:30 06/12/2016 676 1

factory reset lumia 650 - everything is gone!

Hi I had WIFI issues with my new Lumia 650 Nothing happened when I pushed the WIFI icon So I decided to do a factory reset When...

by aduggan Last post 00:27 06/12/2016 731 1

Windows or iphone

This year ive used iphone android and windows I decided I hate android and Google I can't decide between windows and apple I've...

by poc Last post 00:24 06/12/2016 696 1

Windows or iphone

This year ive used iphone android and windows I decided I hate android and Google (nosy ba**ards) I can't decide between...

by jayvilla Last post 00:21 06/12/2016 691 1
732 removal

This program keeps coming up I have no MSN connections and it uses resources on my video card How do i delete this file ?

by neo_the_one Last post 22:57 05/12/2016 732 1

Can I configure Win 10 mobile Outlook Mail to receive from Outlook and reply via Gmail?

If possible I would like to know how to do this

by tigrou Last post 22:54 05/12/2016 644 1

is there a firewall on the microsoft lumia 735

Every time I try to go on mobile hotspot to share my connection with my Xbox 360 the network tests keeps tellin me that the...

by aleco Last post 22:51 05/12/2016 668 1

Where do I go from here Microsoft Windows Phone

I have a Lumia 928 on Windows 8 1 I am stuck in cell phone hell I use Verizon as a carrier I keep hearing Microsoft is the...

by digitalje5u5 Last post 18:33 05/12/2016 610 4

candy crush soda not updating

no update when the store says its updated

by hoboseo Last post 17:33 05/12/2016 657 1

cortana not fully awake

when using cortana it says try later not fully awake

by dev2717 Last post 15:51 05/12/2016 590 1

how to stop apps from closing when opened

when game apps or an windows app are open it will stay open for 3 mins then close

by erwig Last post 14:27 05/12/2016 666 2