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Microphone on Lumia 730 Keyboard

I have been using windows 10 I think which is the latest windows version available There is no Microphone icon on Keyboard Can...

by cellardoor Last post 14:21 05/12/2016 684 1

Why can't I make enough space for a phone update

I've deleted everything my Nokia Lumia 530 will let me but am still about 240MB short of the space required to download a phone...

by directusnet Last post 11:21 05/12/2016 977 1

Lumia 540 dead!

I've a Lumia 540 I needed to downgrade it So I connected the phone with pc via usb cable While the package was being downloaded...

by topnet Last post 10:03 05/12/2016 672 1

how to use introp tools

I downloaded interop tools but i dont know use of it help

by jschaffer Last post 10:00 05/12/2016 688 2

how do i hard reset my microsoft 1073

I can get the lighting bolt and gear on it but wat do i press after that

by zmsan Last post 09:57 05/12/2016 811 1

Phone lumia 435 dont want to charge

My phone is not charging I even bought another battery but is not working

by deregular Last post 08:33 05/12/2016 671 1

Help, 'Activate Windows' on the bottom right corner wont go away

To begin with I purchased a computer at Best Buy with windows already installed i upgraded my hardware and had to do a reset on...

by kenton Last post 07:15 05/12/2016 1024 1

why i cant download apps on my lumia 530

mine store getting stucked while downloading apps or updating it shows pending or dowloading but it wont download anythng i...

by nrlatsha Last post 04:27 05/12/2016 802 1

Wi-Fi showing no internet access

I'm using Windows 10 and my Wi Fi was working fine but just then it started showing no internet access but sometimes some of...

by yep Last post 02:51 05/12/2016 590 1

Fifa Mobile Crashing

Hi I own a Nokia Lumia 635 on windows 10 Each time I open Fifa Mobile the app simply crashes I have soft reset the phone...

by fiftybyfifty Last post 00:15 05/12/2016 873 1

Is facebook messenger down ?

For two days now I cannot do anything with Facebook messenger on my lumia 950xl When I start the app it just opens and you can...

by comval Last post 21:39 04/12/2016 714 7

How can I put Microsoft Solitaire Collection back to English?

Solitaire Collection has switched to French inexplicably I've followed all instructions on the Net to put Canadian English as...

by Last post 19:57 04/12/2016 1037 2

Why are my texts taking houra to get to me and I cant get calls but i can call out?

Since the last windows update my text messages are spotty as there are days I don't get them for hours Also there are days my...

by monolith_2003 Last post 17:06 04/12/2016 610 1

my pc stutters and lags

After one recent update my pc has slowed down and stutters/freezes often

by halfacat Last post 17:03 04/12/2016 630 2

Can someone please recommend the best VPN for my Windows Lumia 1020?

I've used 4 to 5 different free VPNs on my Windows Lumia 1020 in the last 4 months but the service is anything but satisfactory...

by onauc Last post 14:15 04/12/2016 620 1

Why does the applications in windows like store stop working/loading? Is there any solution for it?

I have a Lenovo laptop So everything was going on fine when suddenly one day when I tried opening my store it didn't open So I...

by chesster0011 Last post 14:09 04/12/2016 718 1

How can I create a new folder at the desktop? Lumia 640

Lumia 640 I need to create some new one to put apps in them

by ricky Last post 11:24 04/12/2016 531 1

how i will install windows 10 on my lumia 920 help me please

i want to install windows 10 but after getting preview it shows no update

by depasaro Last post 11:21 04/12/2016 665 2

Sending an SMS always fails

My mom has a Lumia 630 with W8 1 And whenever she tries to send an SMS from the Messaging app it always says "Can't Send...

by ultraon Last post 09:51 04/12/2016 639 2

Can't create new account: "Something went wrong" error

I'm trying to set up my wife's new Yoga Book with Windows 10 Home It gave errors during setup trying to use a Microsoft account...

by nevdull Last post 08:39 04/12/2016 939 4