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Why isn't Whatsapp working on my Lumia 900 which has Windows 7.8?

Ever since the last whatsapp update which was about 4 days ago I cant even open whatsapp on my Lumia 900 I don't receive any...

by g00gl3r Last post 07:18 04/12/2016 1004 2

Quote tweet button not working in Twitter on desktop app

This has been bothering me for long time I have uninstalled and reinstalled I have logged out and logged back in Checked the...

by electrox3d Last post 07:15 04/12/2016 535 1

Why won't my system defrag and optimize to 0%?

I analyzed and optimized my computer per the instructions The C drive optimizes to 3% and the Volume optimizes to 0% But the...

by eve Last post 04:39 04/12/2016 827 1

My Lumia 950 XL Won't Recognise My microSD Card

I just got my new Lumia 950 XL and have been setting it up today I just set up my new 128 GB Sandisk microSD to replace my old...

by bpcombs Last post 03:06 04/12/2016 899 2

Best App for Password Management

Good morning I think the title says it all I need a good Windows 10 app for my Lumia 950 XL to manage my passwords

by cerberus Last post 03:03 04/12/2016 650 9

Help, "Activate Windows" on the bottom right corner wont go away

To begin with I purchased a computer at Best Buy with windows already installed i upgraded my hardware and had to do a reset on...

by yoyokidd Last post 00:09 04/12/2016 967 1

Installing Program disc in D Drive

I have inserted a photo editing program disc into my D drive and cannot install it Drive is not acknowledging it

by spidermonkey Last post 23:03 03/12/2016 609 1

I have transferred favorites from Firefox, I can see a favorites tab, but it will open.

So when I open Edge and look at favorites I see an imported from firefox folder but it will not open

by aabbaa Last post 21:27 03/12/2016 742 1

New Surface Book(11-29-2016) with Performance Base i7/16GB/512 SLOW internet

Received new SB this past Monday I use Chrome only program I've installed is GoPro software for editing "GoPro Quik " The lag...

by slimmans Last post 18:27 03/12/2016 644 4

Prevent apps from launching in full screen

Hello I'm pretty new to Windows 10 and one thing nags me I don't like that Edge and other Microsoft apps launch don't save size...

by coc Last post 15:45 03/12/2016 658 1

Lumia 950 delay when I unlock the phone

I have a Windows 10 Lumia 950 mobile When I unlock the phone there's a delay of 8 10 sec to view the tiles screen If any of you...

by brainpulse Last post 14:03 03/12/2016 650 2

I deleted mobile number from live Microsoft people account . how i get back that number ?

I deleted mobile number from live Microsoft people account it is very important to me how can i get back that number :(

by juko Last post 10:03 03/12/2016 665 4

Lumia 950 XL suddenly restarting, and battery draining, some time heating

Lumia 950 XL suddenly restarting reheating on the processor and battery draining

by my_first17 Last post 10:00 03/12/2016 767 2

Lumia 950 XL

Lumia 950 XL suddenly restarting and battery draining some time heating This started just 2 weeks back Not sure caused by new...

by tracy Last post 09:57 03/12/2016 753 2

Original 256 GB i7 Surface book

Do you think Microsoft will continue to sell the Original 256 GB i7 Surface Book along with the 256 GH i7 Surface Book with...

by yoook Last post 05:45 03/12/2016 549 1

How do I stop facebook images syncing to my people tab in lumia 950?

the people tab in lumia 950 keeps showing images of my facebook contacts I only want it to show the contacts in my hotmail I...

by clubmedia Last post 05:42 03/12/2016 677 3

no screen phone calls/poor wifi

whenever I hit call button screen goes black and have to hit power button 2xs to come back on its a pain when I want speaker...

by romeo Last post 05:39 03/12/2016 577 1

Solution for bluetooth mobile music and voice?

Hello I've been trying to figure out a solution to a problem I'm surprised not to see more mention of: I'd like to find small...

by isaiah611 Last post 04:33 03/12/2016 642 3

need to uninstall windows 10

Have had Windows 10 installed for more than 10 days Computer runs like crap now Would like to go back to Windows 7

by Last post 02:45 03/12/2016 648 3

how do i reset my xbox one console to factory settings

i want to return the xbox one to the store because i don't like it How do I reset it so all of my personal info is removed?

by markr37 Last post 23:57 02/12/2016 789 1