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multiple resizable windows on my laptop in Win10

I am a bookkeeper and often have 3 or more windows open at a time on my desktop At one point (I don't know how) I had two...

by olwen Last post 22:42 02/12/2016 772 4

How to get Cortana to work properly with the correct media player

A few days ago Cortana played music from the Groove Music app But since then I get an error message that says "I'm sorry...

by fing Last post 22:39 02/12/2016 777 1

i found this app but errased it can you help

i found this app it was great that turns on the speaker when you put your phone down face up but had to remove it for space on...

by jermaine Last post 21:39 02/12/2016 550 1

Has something changed with Cortana's ability to be able to schedule reminders?

I've got a Lumia 950 with Windows 10 Mobile I used to be able to activate Cortana and ask her to set a reminder for myself I...

by longy Last post 21:36 02/12/2016 790 1

Bluetooth keyboards

Can I use the surface 3 with a Bluetooth keyboard for the pro 3 or pro what's the difference

by pixpixpix Last post 21:33 02/12/2016 578 1

Why can't I post to Facebook

The window opens but closes as soon as I move the mouse

by nir1408 Last post 19:51 02/12/2016 979 1

Will xbox one games play on xbox one s

If I already have a xbox one game will it play on the xbox one s?

by linladen Last post 18:15 02/12/2016 725 1

is there an app (bluetooth?) which will enable remote contol of camera shutter/

lum950 (uk) running win10 anniversary update

by wstruecolor Last post 17:21 02/12/2016 679 2

I cant login to my pc.

Ok so a few weeks ago i got my gaming pc Its the asus rog g20 by the way I tried to play terraria didnt work I looked up how to...

by spotontools Last post 17:15 02/12/2016 822 10

Music playback bluetooth car windows 10

Hi I'm trying to listen to music on my recently acquired 950xl through my car speakers Connecting for phonecalls seems to work...

by stoner3221 Last post 15:27 02/12/2016 602 1

I'm unable to download any apps at all on the windows 10 store

I have tried everything I can find online and I am still not able to download any apps

by mcampos Last post 15:21 02/12/2016 934 1

Need help from Lumia 640 Xl W10M users

Hey friends i need help from you i m currently able to get a lumia 640 Xl at a very good price which i would like to use as a...

by shippersaver Last post 14:09 02/12/2016 694 5

MS Health and 3rd Party Bands (Or the Sad Fall of MS Health)

Two days ago my 5th MS Band 2 developed a tear and I braced myself for leaving the MS Health eco system Sure enough when I got...

by mushroom Last post 14:03 02/12/2016 696 3

Stay away from Lenovo 2 in 1's

Hey guys I'm pretty sure you guys don't deal with this sort of thing I'm hoping you can bring this issue to light to help...

by drwho17 Last post 12:45 02/12/2016 958 1

Is the 2nd SIM slot on my dual SIM Lumia 640 XL useless now that 2g has been shutdown in Australia?

The 2g network in Australia will be shutdown as of December 1 2016 Seeing as how the Lumia 640XL Dual SIM uses 2g on the second...

by coffeeguy Last post 12:42 02/12/2016 636 2

Need help from Lumia 640 Xl W10M users

Hey friends i need help from you i m currently able to get a lumia 640 Xl at a very good price which i would like to use as a...

by m3p Last post 12:39 02/12/2016 611 2

set-up win 10 with or without microsoft account ?

It's new Dell inspiron

by spectrum Last post 11:18 02/12/2016 566 1

Microsoft Account Issue on Lumia 735

My partners work just updated her Lumia 735 to win 10 It keeps asking to set up a Microsoft account but she doesn't want to How...

by abdulla Last post 11:15 02/12/2016 750 1

Why is it so difficult to solve Reference-by-pointer BSOD?

The only software available seems to come from an unreliable source Solvus SO why haven't Microsoft found a patch or straight...

by sierra Last post 11:09 02/12/2016 590 2

Lumia 735 connects to Windows 10 PC wireless display

Is the Lumia 735 capable of projecting the screen to a Windows 10 PC via the Connect Wireless Display feature? I have the...

by wolfpack Last post 10:06 02/12/2016 709 2