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Windows 10 update 1607 fail to install

feature update to windows 10 version 1607 error 0x80070001

by bigfun Last post 10:03 02/12/2016 775 1

why hike is not installing in my lumia 520?

Other applications are installing without any problem But when i try to install hike its showing pending :(

by bingo Last post 05:45 02/12/2016 674 1

Why doesn't my OneDrive app on Android have the 'fetch' files on PC option?

I have the OneDrive desktop app on my PC and the option to allow files to be 'fetched' selected Neither of my Android devices...

by mdkock Last post 04:21 02/12/2016 899 1

My alcatel onetouch xl wont come on.

It keeps blinking on and off and I tried everything its still not working and my phone is my life please help

by infinitewisdom Last post 04:18 02/12/2016 638 1

How does Cortana transfer data cross device?

I have found a recent love for Windows 10 Mobile and I really want to know what I am getting myself into when changing devices...

by beckmann Last post 04:15 02/12/2016 594 1

Sent emails where do I find on my Nokia phone?

What do I have to do to find my 'sent' emails on my Nokia Lumia phone please

by olney Last post 02:57 02/12/2016 687 1

Why won't my orientation stay what it was before restart?

When I first turn on my computer it will be in portrait mode so I change it to landscape mode and hit the apply and keep...

by doverton Last post 01:33 02/12/2016 759 1

How do I activate e-mail links forwarded in Windows Live Mail 2012?

For example "You can access the Facts document by clicking the appropriate link below " OR "Click here for direct access to...

by jskauppi Last post 19:54 01/12/2016 715 1

nokia lumia won't update to w10 anymore

My 930 was already a year updated to w10m but the last month my phone showed some 'errors' like battery 50% after a video(1...

by abdulla Last post 19:51 01/12/2016 993 5

Why has my Windows 10 Start menu failed

Current operating system is severely impaired Have lost access to files and programs including Microsoft Money and toolbar tabs

by carpediem Last post 19:45 01/12/2016 645 1

Is there any way to install .apk files in my Lumia 640

I am using Lumia 640 device and I am a non insider Is there any way to install apk files in my Lumia 640 ( i need criminal case...

by t0ps3o Last post 18:33 01/12/2016 647 1

OneDrive not updating on Windows 10 mobile

Hi I have a OneDrive account which I use for sharing files between various devices including a desktop still running Windows 7...

by douglaslampi Last post 18:30 01/12/2016 606 1

why am i not able view my photos in the Microsoft photos app

All the photos come with an error icon for all the images including the downloaded and the screenshots

by akiwitz Last post 18:27 01/12/2016 623 2

Gmail Web and Outlook mobile app

Hi br/> Having syncing issues between Gmail on the web and the outlook mobile app I delete emails from the phone( mobile app)...

by autog Last post 17:36 01/12/2016 553 3

Lumia 930 Problem with Camera-Focus

Hallo Community :) I'm a happy owner of a Lumia 930 for a while now but a few weeks ago my camera started to not be able to...

by luigib Last post 17:33 01/12/2016 777 4

Downloads saving in phone memory!!!

I tried to download Men's Of War from a site called ocean of games It was a 4 27gb iso file I have 7gbs of free space on my SD...

by sudhani Last post 15:39 01/12/2016 585 1

Back cover for 630 / 636

Is the back cover of the Lumia 630 compatible with the Lumia 636?

by seafoam Last post 15:33 01/12/2016 621 1

Just 2 questions about yogabook

Hi I've just bought the yogabook windows version I am trying to switch off the vibration of the keyboard but I don't know where...

by bulup Last post 12:42 01/12/2016 760 2

cant send pictures via text

on my nokia lumia 730 I cant send photos via text messages wot am i doing wrong as they all come back with message cant send?

by breakfastman Last post 12:39 01/12/2016 606 1

Groups in the people hub

I have Groups in my people hub which I can see on my PC and when I log on to my outlook account They used to sync also with my...

by colinlinton Last post 12:33 01/12/2016 543 1