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How can I bypass Lumia 640 protection lock?

by cgo85 Last post 19:32 24/09/2015 1763 1

How do i take screen shoots in Lumia 1520?

Hi how do i take screen shoots on a Lumia 1520?

by tracy Last post 04:15 04/09/2015 616 1

the power button on my Windows phone is broken, what can i do?

Hi every one the power button on my Windows phone is broken what can i do about it?

by taylor Last post 03:52 28/08/2015 677 1

Can I change windows phone theme?

Hi Does anyone know how can I change Windows theme I mean the whole user interface like you do with Android?

by tracy Last post 03:50 28/08/2015 775 1

What can I say to Cortana?

Hello I heard that you can actually chat with Cortana Could you please show me how to do it?

by nickbrown Last post 03:47 28/08/2015 697 1

should i buy a windows phone?

Hi I am currently own a Sony Xperia V with Android operating system I am thinking about buying a windows phone Should I?

by thor Last post 05:06 25/08/2015 746 1