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how do I change my signature in the mail account for my HP elite x3

I do not see here an option to edit my signature on my e mails where do I find it?

by debunked Last post 11:09 01/12/2016 644 1

Lumia 950, Charging % jump to 100% from 60-65%, getting restart anytime

I am having Lumia 950 it suddenly jump to 100% from 60 65% while I do Charging I am having this issue from last 3 4 days...

by jaxxkr Last post 06:51 01/12/2016 1024 11

Help, Outlook Won't Authenticate

Outlook live

by seostudent Last post 05:48 01/12/2016 863 2

what is the name of the app for downloading videos,audeos on windows nokia lumia 520

to download the videos and audeos please suggest the best and secure app for windows nokia lumia 520

by runge Last post 05:45 01/12/2016 636 1

Windows store is not working on any of my devices, any solutions ?

Windows store is not working And now i can not write in lower case letters

by radsoft Last post 05:39 01/12/2016 679 10

Is there an app for Walmart for Windows 10 mobile

I have the Redstone 2 update

by goodfastners Last post 04:09 01/12/2016 677 2

Wireless Display Adapter Freezes PC

I have a roughly 2 year old Asus laptop with i7 8GB ram I have been having trouble connecting with my WiDi for a while to the...

by williamscraig Last post 03:03 01/12/2016 812 1

Quiet Phone with timeout

Is there any possibility to make my Windows phone quiet for a predefined time? Typically when a meeting is starting I can make...

by elemental Last post 22:42 30/11/2016 659 1

will a DT-900 wireless charging unit work made for the 928 work with the new 950

or does the larger new phone need a larger charging surface

by genxerator Last post 22:39 30/11/2016 560 3

live tiles are not working

As of this morning everything was working fine in my Lumia 950 XL DS running AU build 14393 448 non insider right now none of...

by pirein Last post 22:36 30/11/2016 688 5

Wifi button stopped working (Windows 10) on my HP Pavilion dv7-6b78

Won't go from orange to white

by iain_robertson Last post 22:33 30/11/2016 734 1

Current Build List (Mobile)?

I'm looking for somewhere that reports the following: As of right now Current Build is XXXXX Insider Slow is XXXXX Insider Fast...

by sovereign6 Last post 19:45 30/11/2016 585 2

Removed Microsoft Email Address Then Set Up Again But Now Can't Get Email, Contacts & Calendar

I'm running Windows 10 mobile plus latest updates on a Lumia 950 My Hotmail email account wasn't syncing correctly so I removed...

by mcsp Last post 19:42 30/11/2016 845 5

why cant i text some people but i can others one person does not recieve any texts from me

why does my phone text some people but not others

by ben_uk Last post 19:39 30/11/2016 602 1

What VPN Would You Recommend For Windows 10

Hello I've been using freebies for a while through their sites and my nature of job demands i change my IP to a certain...

by cigmania Last post 16:51 30/11/2016 615 2

Why my Microsoft 435 Lumia doesn't reconise my SIM ?

I have bought a Microsoft 435 Lumia phone i inserted the SIM in the SIM 1 slot correctly but when i try to make a call i...

by clarification Last post 15:30 30/11/2016 863 1

Should i change from MacBook Pro to Surface Pro 4?

I have been using MacBook Pro 13" (not the retina display) with Windows 10 OS using Bootcamp I find some friends/colleagues say...

by pmac Last post 15:27 30/11/2016 553 4

my lumia 640 auto lock screen with out my will every time after some sec

after some sec of use navigator my divice my screen make some bright ticks and then go to lock screen how can i fix that ??

by andre Last post 15:24 30/11/2016 621 1

windows 10 start menu crashed, says it will be fixed when restarted..BUT does not

anyway to get rid of start menu and get a new one???? or fix with Command prompt???

by alice Last post 15:21 30/11/2016 650 1

Photo Upload Settings Missing

My mom asked me about why Onedrive was using loads of data and I thought she didn't have the right setting for photo uploads...

by gcsl_webpositioner Last post 15:15 30/11/2016 634 2