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I have a Nokia Lumia 710 with windows 7: may I swich to an other software guarding the same phone?

I tried to download Whatsapp but it doesn't support Windows Phone 7 My smartphone is nearly new because it staied unused for...

by melvin Last post 12:21 30/11/2016 730 2

Transfer apps between 2 Lumia 950 XLs?

I have a Lumia 950 XL with hardware problems and may get a new one I store all apps pics etc on an SD card not the main phone...

by peebeenz Last post 09:33 30/11/2016 512 1

restore a new microsoft lumia

I am attempting to restore new microsoft lumia 735 for activation; restore won't complete past 25% Any suggestions?

by vinyl Last post 04:06 30/11/2016 603 1

Windows update error 0xc1900107

Hi Recently a friend of mine bought Surface pro 4 from my recommendation The newly machine could not install the Anniversary...

by vintageagain Last post 04:03 30/11/2016 736 3

experiencing very weak signal & lots of dropped calls for more than 2 weeks

have owned HTC m8 for a year & a 1/2 w/o any real complaints currently weak signal dropped calls at times no service & most of...

by silenced Last post 02:54 30/11/2016 703 1

Detaching the Clipboard (Please Resolve before detaching) now allowed by some apps

Almost any time I want to Detach the Clipboard I will get the message "Please Resolve Before Detaching" and I have to close...

by gray Last post 02:51 30/11/2016 536 2

top right controls unresponsive to mouse clicks

The windows of most 'programs' have three or more controls in the top right corner The left mouse of my Toshiba laptop with...

by simoncuz Last post 02:48 30/11/2016 1303 11

My audio port has just broken, how do I get it repaired?

Got my headphone jack caught and it has broken the inside of the audio port jack no longer fits and headphones/line in no...

by superbird Last post 02:45 30/11/2016 551 1

windows media player and Onedrive music

I want to play my OneDrive music collection through Windows Media Player on my Surface Pro 2 over Bluetooth to my Bose...

by wildferret Last post 22:51 29/11/2016 631 1

made mistake setting up new laptop and i'm locked out. what do i do

looking for password which wont work

by jambad Last post 22:48 29/11/2016 801 1

Window Phone 10.0.14393 apps like messenger whatsapp resuming

this **** is resuming more than working i am not able to use or share from the apps because it will suddenly :"Resuming:

by sim0n Last post 22:45 29/11/2016 544 2

How to unlock phone without hard resetting

I broke my screen and had to fix it myself and it took a while to do but I forgot my password in that time and I don't want to...

by mohamad1983 Last post 22:39 29/11/2016 558 2

Instagram Stories feature missing

Anyone else has the issue of a missing instagram stories feature on their windows mobile device? I'm using a Lumia 950 I've...

by rational Last post 19:51 29/11/2016 532 2

Lumia 430 Blank Screen often on Build 14965.1001 Slow Ring

My mobile got updated with 14965 1001 version on Slow Ring last week post update build was quite smooth and very well performed...

by photo_shooter Last post 18:15 29/11/2016 517 1

In Windows 10, why can't I extend my gaming programs to 2 monitors?

My desktop extends but when I open an app just shows on 1 monitor or only partly on the other Do I need a software solution or...

by con771 Last post 18:12 29/11/2016 851 2

transfer pictures from pc to pc

need to transfer pictures from old pc to new pc help

by productivepc Last post 18:09 29/11/2016 603 1

HP Notebook type HP 14-AC 180 ND PRODUCT ID does not startup

HP Notebook type HP 14 AC 180 ND PRODUCT ID (bottom PC) K3D65EA#ABH does not startup This notebook is new bought in Februari...

by mywill Last post 16:57 29/11/2016 606 1

can Lumia 630 be used in 4G network???

by kn0cker Last post 16:54 29/11/2016 535 2

Vintage Computer

Anyone know someone or someplace that collects old computers? I'm looking to unload my original NCR 8086 (from 1986) and...

by vrindavan Last post 16:51 29/11/2016 557 5

How do I get RTM version of Windows 10 installed on my Lumia 928?

Just yesterday I reactivated my unlocked Lumia 928 on the AT&T network I reset the phone and all updates have come down but it...

by mbristol Last post 13:51 29/11/2016 578 1