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Xbox One Preview invitation to test wireless display

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Hello ☺

I'm on a quest to receive a preview invitation. I would like to test the wireless display that I've been hearing about. I'm a member of the insider windows group, but it's not helpful with obtain a preview invitation for Xbox. Would any of you gentlemen, or ladies be willing to send me an invitation? If so, my gamertag is: MK ULTRA S260

It would be greatly appreciated!! 🙏

Asked: 18:24 01/05/2016
rolyrolls 18:24 01/05/2016
There is a invite thread in the xbox sub forum however currently they aren't taking any new invitees.

It is possible to get invited however the question is will you get accepted or not?

As currently the preview programme is pretty much full.

Also bear in mind, you will also have to participate in other "quests" and surveys - as well as be willing to test out the updates they push out which are rather large in size.

Xbox One Preview invitation to test wireless display

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