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xbox one - want sound thru receiver but receiver has no hdmi or toslink

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We have the xbox one set up and it is functioning fine except for one thing. Our sound/volume is limited to the tv speakers, and we want to route the sound and control the volume through our receiver to take advantage of the better sound and speakers. All of the directions I can find rely on having hdmi and/or toslink digital optical audio connections. My Sony receiver is an older model STR DE435 and has neither. My Sony DVD player has a single toslink digital audio out. I also have a cable box. How the heck do I set up xbox to have sound come through the receiver?
Asked: 20:21 03/06/2016
kash 20:21 03/06/2016
If your TV has RCA audio outputs or a headphone jack, you can run that into your receiver. You won't get Dolby Digital surround, but you should get Pro-Logic.

xbox one - want sound thru receiver but receiver has no hdmi or toslink

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