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Yahoo mail account will not sync on Samsung XE 700T1C Netbook

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Using MS Windows 10. When turned on message says Yahoo mail account settings are out of date and provides Fix Account option. When this is pressed connects to Google account which I sign into by typing in password. It then advises that a 2 step verification is turned on. A verification code is texted to my phone which I enter into verification process and press done. Then I go back to email and attempt to sync then the process just repeats as per above. Extremely frustrating and no email on netbook. How do I fix?
Asked: 10:39 25/07/2016
kisan 10:39 25/07/2016
I get this message about once a month for all of my Yahoo accounts on my Windows phone.

Generally, going to the settings and re-entering the password fixes it.

However, today I had to uninstall the affected account and re-add it. Perhaps whatever bug messed up my sync did yours, too. Did you try removing it & re-adding it?

On the flip side, if you just added 2-step verification, that may also be why it doesn't sync (because you need to get that key everytime).
besttoolbars 10:39 25/07/2016
Don't know how other do it but I forward all my extraneous email apps to my POP account. I don't have Yahoo, or AOL or any other source added as an account on my 1520. All those messages go directly to my POP account. Easy Peasy.

Yahoo mail account will not sync on Samsung XE 700T1C Netbook

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