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i heard a lot of people that their iphone is with a warmer color and is yellow tinted. week ago I got a 64Gb white iPhone 4s and when i compared with the 16 gb white iphone 4s i just see the difference , my 64gb was more with a warmer color and yellow tinted. I have read many to say that the issue of this is the glue but i just got a new solution that worked for me.

First you should go to settings> general> Auto - Lock - change it to NEVER.second you should download a white wallpaper from google and than you go to the photos and set it to watch the wallpaper.third you should change the brightness to max and put the charger on the iphone and let it all night charging with the white wallpaper.

dont forget you shouldnt lock the screen, let it unlocked by the wallpaper. you will see the changes of the yellow tint

Asked: 11:33 09/06/2016
fosca 11:33 09/06/2016
Didnt work for me, tried for 8 hours and it still same


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