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Advice on Nexus 5-like Android phone?

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I currently own a Google Nexus 5. I'm quite happy with the performance of the phone and it's great for my uses. Battery life is quite mediocre (even though I replaced the battery life), and more importantly my phone has developed some sort of hardware issue where it reboots randomly. I'm not sure I want to spend any money fixing this 2 and half year old phone. Which leads me to what to replace it with?

I'm looking for a mid-range phone (in the £300 price range, as the Nexus 5 was) that has a 5" screen or so (I like the screen size of the Nexus), good battery life, and at least 32GB of storage, or less but expandable with microSD - my Apps don't take up much space but I find that I often run out of space for my music and some films on my 16GB Nexus 5. I'm not fussed about a camera as I very rarely take pictures, and I don't play games on the phone so I'm not fussed about 3D performance. I'd just like it to feel snappy for basic use, and to be able to play movies (both streaming and local files) smoothly. I basically use this phone as a media device to entertain me on my commutes. And ideally it should have a microUSB port - I have about a dozen cables and I'd like to avoid having to replace all them for USB-C or something else. And also the least amount of 'bloatware' as possible.

I've been browsing the internet to find a phone that fits these criteria but I'm not having luck. Despite being a Mac user, I don't like iOS as I find it too constraining and like Android's openness.

Any thoughts on what might suit me? Thanks a lot.
Asked: 11:33 28/03/2016
successfactors 11:33 28/03/2016
With the exception of the USB-C port request, have you considered the Nexus 5X? I'm not sure how the price converts.
rajendra 11:33 28/03/2016
I have never owned one, but when my N5 quits, I am going to look at BLU phones.

Checkout Wikipedia & Amazon.
giorgioarmani 11:33 28/03/2016
Moto G, it's in the price range. "Stock with a few Moto Enhancements" is what they advertise. It is waterproof, customizable and has a Micro SD slot in case you need more storage. I just bought one for my sister and she loves it. But another $50 (from your $300 range) will get you a Nexus 5X with the sale Google has right now giving you $50 off. Moto G will get updates most likely later than any Nexus, but will stop getting updates much, much sooner.

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Advice on Nexus 5-like Android phone?

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Advice on Nexus 5-like Android phone?

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