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Difference between outgoing call and viber out call, when I call someone smtms it shows the one other times the other ?

I have an ipad air upgraded to IOS 8 and had problems with Backing up and Syncing Restored IPAD as a new one and then put...

by stinkoman Last post 14:37 29/12/2015 1278 2

Is Skype still free?

by sligowaths Last post 20:30 23/10/2015 1376 3

Does Safari browser on iPhone has private browsing mode like Chrome?

I like Safari but sometimes i have to switch to use Chrome because it has private browsing mode How can i have private browsing...

by tracy Last post 09:52 15/10/2015 831 2

How do i save my important messages in Whatsapp?

Hi i want to save or take note some important messages in Whatsapp app Like a date appointment time location I have to read...

by thor Last post 19:30 12/10/2015 1002 2

How to stop auto play for video with Facebook app?

These days i feel so annoying with Facebook Apps because it plays video automatically How to stop it?

by thor Last post 08:03 01/10/2015 1021 1