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How can I network unlock a Blackberry Passport that won't accept the unlock code?

First thing I've posted here sorry if it's in the wrong area! So my issue I bought a Blackberry Passport used from someone and...

by peteawilson Last post 08:05 05/09/2017 1326 3

How can I unlock my phone?

how can I unlock my blackberry q10

by olwen Last post 19:32 25/08/2017 1054 2

How can I update my AT&T unlocked priv without AT&T network?

Can I update my AT&T unlocked priv without AT&T network? I live outside of USA and am using another carrier How can I get...

by googl2 Last post 22:50 19/08/2017 1446 3

Please i need a code to unlock my BB 9720

I need a code to unlock my BB 9720 for free Please Is asking for MEP code please help me

by ephricon Last post 17:21 17/08/2017 875 2

Are unlocking sites safe to use to unlock a phone?

ive been told that it is not safe to give out your imei code to unlock a phone over the internet

by bernard Last post 00:10 02/06/2017 1006 3

Unlocked BlackBerry Passport on Canadian Carriers

Hi I have an unlocked BlackBerry Passport that I will be advertising to sell shortly I have already tested it with a Rogers SIM...

by doh Last post 18:48 05/04/2017 967 2

Dtek50 LCD Replacement with a Alcatel Idol 4 LCD

So I dropped my Dtek50 broke the LCD I cant buy a LCD for my Dtek50 but I've read that the Alcatel Idol 4 is the same phone can...

by alpinesprings Last post 09:08 13/12/2016 1486 2

Why do I get 'problem scaling images Please Check device memory' error message

I'm trying to email some photos but get the above error message I checked device memory and I have 88623306 Bytes free I have...

by eurimax Last post 18:54 07/12/2016 2476 1

Installling Blackberry Keyboard on a Samsung S7

I loved the BB keyboard and was the main reason I stuck with my Z30 I finally made the switch to Android and Samsung and would...

by tswalling Last post 18:51 07/12/2016 2483 2

went from a z10 to a priv

and now i cant open my transferred documents from docs to go something to do with a plk file tried downloading file viewer and...

by miles Last post 18:48 07/12/2016 2037 2

Windows 10 does not recognise my BlackBerry phone - how can I resolve this issue?

Since upgrading to Windows 10 my laptop does not recognise any of my devices Currently my BB will not allow me to email photos...

by ezeednn Last post 18:45 07/12/2016 2298 2

BlackBerry Desktop Manager does not work with Priv

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager does not work with Priv There is no alternative to this program? It would be especially useful...

by oliphaunt Last post 17:33 07/12/2016 1656 12

blackberry Priv, emoticons-empty sms

At the begining when I sent emoticons in a txt everybody got them but since couple of days they receive empty sms When I type a...

by gab1982 Last post 14:39 07/12/2016 1082 2

why i can't install google play store,followed all your steps!

holding a blackberry passport 10 3 2 2836 and tried everything to install google play store doesn't let me install anything...

by qll Last post 14:36 07/12/2016 1484 2

how do i transfer data from passport to priv?

help phone coming tomorrow

by astrab Last post 13:09 07/12/2016 1243 2

How do i reply individual chats on bbm group

How do I reply individual/different chats coming from different group members in a bbm group It will help to reduce confusion...

by aussieseek Last post 11:51 07/12/2016 945 1

Is the new OS now available in South Africa?

I haven't received any notification to update my os tried to do it manually but update still not available Has anybody in South...

by coc Last post 11:48 07/12/2016 908 1

passport headset earbuds don't stick

Am I missing something here? The earbuds on the headset for my Passport will not stay in the ears How do others use them?

by scarlett Last post 11:45 07/12/2016 1587 1

can I get uber app on blackberry 9860 Torch?

I can't seem to download it

by jon12345 Last post 11:42 07/12/2016 1062 2